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Design of Colloidal Silver Disinfection for a Public Swimming Pool with Solar Heating

Show simple item record Dang, Tony Lam, David Reid, Scott Wang, Eric 2008-05-05T15:31:18Z 2008-05-05T15:31:18Z 2007
dc.description.abstract This paper describes the design of a half-Olympic sized outdoor swimming pool which uses a treatment method other than traditional chemical-based disinfection to maintain quality while also implementing a renewable energy system for pool heating. From extended research on various water treatment alternatives, colloidal silver (CS) disinfection is an effective treatment process at a concentration of 20 ppb and capable of eliminating common pathogenic microorganisms found in pool water. A safety factor of two was used providing a concentration of 40 ppb. Mathematical modeling was performed on the CS generation system and from this it was determined a weekly CS dosage of 12 ppb was required to maintain the desired concentration. Moreover to the pool design, unglazed solar thermal collectors were chosen to heat the pool. From temperature modeling, it was found that the solar collectors were adequately sized to maintain the temperature of the pool with an operating range of 25-28°C. The two components satisfied the design objectives as viable options for the pool system. en
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dc.title Design of Colloidal Silver Disinfection for a Public Swimming Pool with Solar Heating en
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