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Design of a Saltwater Swimming Pool with Renewable Off-Grid Solar Heating

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dc.description.abstract The half Olympic sized pool, to be located in parking lot P12, has been designed to meet the client's specifications. To disinfect the pool, a saltwater cholrine generator has been incorporated into the pool system. The salt concentration in the water will not harm a human being and will need to be replenished only when there is fresh water added to the pool. The renewable energy heating system consists of a number of solar collectors and pumps to transport the pool water to and from the heating system. The pumps will be supplied with electricity from photovoltaic cells, thus allowing for an entirely renewable heating system. The capital cost of the system is estimated at $221,400 excluding installation, design costs and taxes. The seasonal operation and maintenance cost is estimated at $53,300 per season. en
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dc.title Design of a Saltwater Swimming Pool with Renewable Off-Grid Solar Heating en
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