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Integrating Research and Practice with Immigrant Families

Show simple item record Ashbourne, L. Baobaid, M. Azizova, K. 2011-03-30T16:09:36Z 2011-03-30T16:09:36Z 2011-03-01 March 1, 2011
dc.description This collection of 52 posters was presented at the Partnership Practices: Working with Community, Industry and Government event. This event was designed to highlight community-university partnerships for research and other purposes from across the university and community at a one-day event held at the Quebec Street Mall in the City of Guelph, Ontario. The website for the event and all resources is en_US
dc.description.abstract This partnership was built based on opportunity and shared interests in the experience of immigrant families during adolescence. Lynda Ashbourne, University of Guelph, Mohammed Baobaid, Executive Director, Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration (London), and Kamala Shiriyeva Azizova, a private practitioner in Hamilton, came together to extend Ashbourne’s original research investigating the negotiation of family time during adolescence in non-immigrant families. The initial research project involved Baobaid and Shiriyeva Azizova as cultural consultants – engaged in recruitment, attending focus groups facilitated by Ashbourne, review of qualitative data analysis and thematic findings, and contributing to products used in knowledge dissemination. The success of the partnership is based in (a) shared interest, experience and commitment to supporting immigrant families; (b) taking time to engage in conversation and consultation at planning, implementation and outcome stages of research projects; (c) benefits to service provider collaborators and researchers of building on the research-practice link; (d) giving voice to participants directly within a focus group methodology; and (e) engaging “cultural insiders” directly to enhance credibility when working with a local cultural community. This research benefits families and service providers in the local community by building connections and informing institutional practice. It benefits family researchers more generally by broadening the diversity of family experience informing theory and practice. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship This was part of the Partnership Practices: Working with community, industry and university event, held on March 1, 2011. en_US
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dc.subject partnership practices, University of Guelph, abstract, poster, en_US
dc.subject community collaboration, access, research methods, immigrant services en_US
dc.title Integrating Research and Practice with Immigrant Families en_US
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dc.description.version These posters were in response to a Call for Posters. The selection was made by the Steering Committee Members: * Linda Hawkins, Director, Institute for Community Engaged Scholarship * Erin Skimson, Director, Business Development Office, Office of Research * Sue Bennett, Director, University and Community Relations, Office of the President * Melanie Lang, Director, CBASE, College of Management and Economics * Bronwynn Wilton, Industry Outreach Knowledge Mobilization Manager, Office of Research, Agri-Food Partnerships * Shawna Reibling, Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator, Institute for Community Engaged Scholarship * Jennifer Peleschak, Manager of Programs and Events, College of Management and Economics * Mary Magyar, Events Assistant, Institute for Community Engaged Scholarship

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