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"As Fighters Go: A Collection Of Short Stories"

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dc.contributor.advisor Bush, Catherine Lennox, Matt 2011-08-05 2011-08-24T19:13:58Z 2011-08-24
dc.description.abstract The seven short stories in this collection were written between 2009 and 2010, as part of my studies in the creative writing MFA program. Although each story can be read as a stand-alone piece, I have included certain commonalities throughout the collection as a whole – some characters recur, for example, whether in a prominent role, or simply in passing. Recurring characters, however, are only a superficial connection throughout these stories; the true commonality – the subject of my inquiry, you could say – is crisis. I have attempted to introduce a physical crisis in each story, sometimes taking the form of a bad accident, a threatening misadventure, or a violent confrontation, in order to set the stage for a character’s existential crisis. The inquiry itself, then, is meant to ask: what does someone do, how does someone carry on, in the face, or in the wake, of a crisis that threatens to tear everything apart, both physically and mentally? I have deliberately set out to not answer my inquiry in any explicit way – rather, I hope some element of ambiguity will engage a reader, and cause him or her to direct the same inquiry inward. en_US
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dc.title "As Fighters Go: A Collection Of Short Stories" en_US
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dc.type Thesis en_US Creative Writing en_US Master of Fine Arts en_US School of English and Theatre Studies en_US
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