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Design and Case Study Application of a Participatory Decision-making Support Tool for Appropriate Safe Water Systems Development in Marginalized Communities of the Global South

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dc.contributor.advisor Hall, Kevin Ali, Syed Imran 2012-05-11 2012-05-18T14:37:14Z 2012-05-18T14:37:14Z 2012-05-18
dc.description Decision-making support tool for appropriate safe water systems design en_US
dc.description.abstract This dissertation presents the design and case study application of a participatory decision-making support tool for appropriate safe water systems development in marginalized low-income communities of the global South. The tool focuses on the resolution of two key design decisions: 1) selecting the appropriate level of application (i.e. household or community level) for a safe water system; and 2) selecting an appropriate water treatment technology (or technologies). The tool breaks the process down into four stages. First are pre-implementation steps which develop a contextualized, baseline understanding of the local community. Second is community-based field research, including focus groups and key informant/informal interviews, to investigate the two key design questions by exploring local preferences, capacities, and circumstances with community-members, government officers, NGO workers, and other stakeholders. Third are analytical steps to integrate information from baseline, informal, and primary research to generate recommendations on the two key design questions. This includes a comparative analysis of household and community level systems; a technology feasibility flowchart; performance assessments of technological alternatives with respect to appropriate technology criteria; and a multi-factor analysis to integrate information from the preceding analytical steps. Fourth are community forums in which further participatory action and research is planned on the basis of the recommendations emerging from the tool. Through these steps, the decision-making support tool guides implementing organizations through the stages of safe water systems design and planning in a manner that centres local people in the process. The tool weaves together several theoretical and methodological strands including humanitarian engineering, post-normal science, appropriate technology, participatory development, grounded theory, engineering decision-making, and water treatment engineering. The case study application of the decision-making support tool was conducted in a marginalized peri-urban community called Mylai Balaji Nagar in Chennai, India. This indicated that a household level approach is more appropriate for the case study community and that the TATA Swach filter, alum coagulation with chlorination, or boiling, in order of decreasing suitability, may be appropriate technologies for household application in the case study community. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship International Development Research Centre (IDRC) en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject safe water en_US
dc.subject appropriate technology en_US
dc.subject humanitarian engineering en_US
dc.subject decision-making en_US
dc.subject support tool en_US
dc.subject slum rehabilitation en_US
dc.subject public health en_US
dc.subject HWTS en_US
dc.subject point-of-use en_US
dc.subject community level en_US
dc.title Design and Case Study Application of a Participatory Decision-making Support Tool for Appropriate Safe Water Systems Development in Marginalized Communities of the Global South en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US Engineering en_US Doctor of Philosophy en_US School of Engineering en_US

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Appendix A-Crit ... isals of Support Tools.pdf 134.3Kb PDF View/Open Appendix A-Critical Appraisals of Support Tools
Appendix B-AWSP ... ommunity Survey Report.pdf 8.603Mb PDF View/Open Appendix B-AWSP Baseline Community Survey Report
Appendix C-AWSP ... nitoring Status Report.pdf 244.6Kb PDF View/Open Appendix C-AWSP Baseline Health Monitoring Status Report
Appendix D-AWSP ... lity Monitoring Report.pdf 1.845Mb PDF View/Open Appendix D-AWSP Baseline Water Quality Monitoring Report
Appendix E-Tamil Ethics Consent Form.pdf 68.88Kb PDF View/Open Appendix E-Tamil Ethics Consent Form
Appendix F-English Ethics Consent Form.pdf 56.32Kb PDF View/Open Appendix F-English Ethics Consent Form
Appendix G-REB certificate.pdf 34.47Kb PDF View/Open Appendix G-REB certificate
Appendix H-FGD I Session Guide.pdf 63.64Kb PDF View/Open Appendix H-FGD I Session Guide
Appendix I-FGD I HH Images.pdf 1.898Mb PDF View/Open Appendix I-FGD I HH Images
Appendix J-FGD I COMM Images.pdf 336.2Kb PDF View/Open Appendix J-FGD I COMM Images
Appendix K-FGD II Session Guide.pdf 56.80Kb PDF View/Open Appendix K-FGD II Session Guide
Appendix L-FGD ... ards (Tamil + English).pdf 3.432Mb PDF View/Open Appendix L-FGD II Criteria Info Cards (Tamil + English)
Appendix M-FGD II Ranking Sheet.pdf 18.69Kb PDF View/Open Appendix M-FGD II Ranking Sheet
Appendix N-Tech ... eria Information Cards.pdf 193.2Kb PDF View/Open Appendix N-Technical Criteria Information Cards
Appendix O-Technical Criteria Ranking Sheet.pdf 17.88Kb PDF View/Open Appendix O-Technical Criteria Ranking Sheet
Appendix P-TNSC ... N with water dist ntwk.pdf 3.811Mb PDF View/Open Appendix P-TNSCB-Sogreah map of MBN with water dist ntwk
Appendix Q-AWSP Filter Summary Report.pdf 2.338Mb PDF View/Open Appendix Q-AWSP Filter Summary Report
Appendix R-AWSP Filter Lab Pilot Testing Data.pdf 87.22Kb PDF View/Open Appendix R-AWSP Filter Lab Pilot Testing Data
Appendix S-Primary research raw transcripts.pdf 5.418Mb PDF View/Open Appendix S-Primary research raw transcripts
Appendix T-Sele ... Matrix Weighting Array.xls 197Kb Microsoft Excel View/Open Appendix T-Selection Tool Matrix Weighting Array
Appendix U-MWA Output (Scenario A).pdf 16.35Kb PDF View/Open Appendix U-MWA Output (Scenario A)
Appendix V-MWA Output (Scenario D).pdf 16.31Kb PDF View/Open Appendix V-MWA Output (Scenario D)
Appendix W-Technical Criteria Rankings Summary.pdf 10.84Kb PDF View/Open Appendix W-Technical Criteria Rankings Summary
Appendix X-MWA Output (Scenario E).pdf 16.16Kb PDF View/Open Appendix X-MWA Output (Scenario E)
Appendix Y-MWA Output (Scenario F).pdf 16.42Kb PDF View/Open Appendix Y-MWA Output (Scenario F)
Appendix ZA-Analytical Coding Tables.pdf 14.27Mb PDF View/Open Appendix ZA-Analytical Coding Tables
Appendix ZB-Analytical Memoing.pdf 78.19Kb PDF View/Open Appendix ZB-Analytical Memoing

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